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Master Auto Tech

Master Auto Tech – Case Study

How consumer insights provided the vision and foundation for a successful rebrand for Master Muffler.

With the explosion of EV vehicles, Master Muffler franchise owners were feeling the pressure to retire the world “Muffler” from their 60 year company name to evolve with their changing customer base.

Rather than collectively guess what that company name, brand image, and transition plan should look like, Master Muffler turned to market research to inform their path forward. Marketing Research Case Studies demonstrate how data-driven insights can guide such significant rebranding efforts effectively.

Master Muffler gets feedback from auto owners to rename their company.

Elevate conducted in-depth market research study with consumer interviews and transplanted residents owning vehicles out of warranty to explore naming conventions more reflective of their full menu of services – not just muffler repair. Residents of the area were asked to build a brand name using words provided to them that reflected known influences to them when selecting a service provider. Through this research, Master Auto Tech was born.

How consumer insights helped Master Muffler navigate competitive perceptions

Market Research showed that car dealerships were perceived to have a competitive advantage in auto care “expertise.” Automobile owners told us that any messaging from an independent auto care provider needed to focus on having technicians with ASE certifications to earn their trust which was later used in their new advertisements post research.

Master Auto Tech
Certified Electrician ASE

How consumer insights work to ensure a positive first impression

Negative perceptions related to outdated signage emerged as a theme needing addressing as well from our research. 1 in 3 customers said they’d likely choose a provider “based on locations I’ve driven past before.”

Master Muffler Before
Master Muffler After

The company tested both current and new storefront concepts to determine the most effective visual representation of its new brand which informed their remodeling plans.

“Run, don’t walk in Elevate’s direction” – Owner, Master Auto Tech

With many marketing research case studies in Auto, Master Muffler illustrates how uding consumer insights to successfully rebrand and evolve, ensuring continued growth and relevance in the competitive auto care industry.

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