About Elevate Marketing Research

Our Why

As self-proclaimed data nerds, we believe that consumer insights are the key to unlocking extraordinary growth. We’ve seen firsthand the incredible stories they can tell and how when businesses use these insights they excel. We are truth seekers and meticulous executors on a quest for growth – the kind of growth that has a ripple effect. Because, when business owners make well-informed decisions they fuel growth, create jobs, and ultimately uplift entire communities. That’s the heart and soul of what we do here.

Our Values

Whether it relates to our relentless pursuit of quality data collection or the way we interact with our clients directly, integrity is at the heart of everything we do.


"Because that is how it has always been done” are words you will never hear from us. Our team is committed to inventing and spearheading new advancements in the collecting of consumer feedback and marketing strategy. In fact, we even have “innovation hours” dedicated to it!


We get it: things change quickly and you need answers fast. At Elevate, we personally answer our phones and get you those answers lickety-split. We don’t outsource anything, which fuels our ability to move quickly.


We understand our findings often pave the way to big changes, so having sound insights to help drive those decisions is paramount. Rest assured, everything is checked twice at Elevate!


We are truth-seekers. Count on us to ask the hard questions that need answering without bias or judgement. We promise not to "sugar-coat" anything we uncover but we also promise to do so professionally and respectfully. We have no agenda but to seek the truth.


We are a group of inquisitive thinkers that care about helping local businesses succeed. We understand that they fuel our economic growth and take a lot of pride and care in having a part in that.



Elevate’s team of highly trained researchers, data scientists, strategists and consultants have over 20 years of experience in their field. A division of Smith Geiger Group, we’ve done thousands of consumer insight studies for national brands, local businesses and even newsrooms. We offer best in class research practices and methodologies to support our data collection process and creative storytelling techniques.

Meet The Team


Meet the team of leaders waiting to help you get started:

Nicole Bergen | Founder & Chief Strategist

Jennifer Johns | Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

Scott Wyman | Head, Strategy & Operations

Robert Wendt | Sr. Director, Research & Strategy

Sam Walton | Director, Research & Strategy

Terrance Burzynski | Senior Consultant

Ronda McCullough | Senior Consultant

Madison Hutchison | Client Relations Specialist

Michelle Behrman | Director, Programming/Fielding

Emily Conklin | Director, Data Visualization & Storytelling

Erica Schweitzer | Data Visualization & Storytelling

Industries We Serve

The marketing landscape is constantly evolving and so are the clients that use our services. Here is a list of popular categories we work with which is ever changing!


Dental Services

Fast Food


Elective Health





Home Improvement

Home Services




Roofing & Solar

Senior Services