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Understand. Connect. Grow.

At Elevate, we accelerate growth.

Using meticulously orchestrated consumer research studies, we provide clarity in chaos and tell stories that command attention and accelerate growth for your most desired customers.

Our research explorations help clients understand their customers’ hot buttons and how to push them. We are precise and calculated in everything we do because we know companies today have little margin for error.

You won’t get a binder of data tables from us because our cutting edge data tools are so easy to use you won’t need one. Also, our Emmy Award-winning creative team will help you implement your learnings to save you time and money.

We know you’re not just shopping for research; you’re searching for results and ROI. At Elevate, we get energized about that. More consumers will be more responsive to your marketing when your marketing is more responsive to consumers.

Our Specialist

Our Specialties

Ad Testing 01

Ad Testing

At Elevate we test over 1,000 advertisements each year. If you can hear, click, or see it, we can test it. Our comprehensive Advertising Performance Experience (APEX) tool measures Overall Rating focusing on Memorability, Impression, Likelihood to Recommend, and Likelihood to Use / Purchase, which gives valuable insight into what is working most and least in your advertisements specifically.

Need to get a read on a spokesperson? We do that too. Our second-by-second dial testing tool and talent report cards give you valuable feedback on how a spokesperson or sampling of potential spokespeople are resonating with your desired customers.

Put your gut feeling to the test and find out exactly how some of the following popular creative messages resonate with your most desired customers.

Tv Commercial TV commercial
Beta Mobile App Website/Mobile App
Social Media Social Media
Jingle Jingle/Sonic Brand
Direct Mailer Direct Mailer
Radio Spot Radio Announcement
Stroyboard Storyboard Concept
Mobile Splash Mobile Splash Page
Photography Photography
Vehicle Vehicle Wraps
Newspaper Ad Newspaper Ad
Billboards Billboards
Virtual Tour Virtual Showroom Tour
And More And more!


A home service company had been using long form television advertising to explain in detail the intricacies of their somewhat complicated service. The decision-makers assumed awareness was strong since they had been running the campaign for almost a year. After sampling homeowners in their area, it was discovered that their unaided awareness was a mere 3% in the area. Our research insights uncovered an opportunity in their leader as a quality spokesperson and a new campaign was developed to turn their spokesperson into an animated character on TV. With placement in more high-profile and watched TV programs by their target customers, the company increased their call volume 22% and lowered their cost per lead (CPL) in a mere 6-weeks.

Brand Health 02

Brand Health Icon

Understanding how consumers are familiar with your brand is step one in identifying market opportunities. At Elevate, we measure how familiar consumers are with brands and uncover how they compare to selected competitors. Due to the large size of our studies, we can help you understand your position among a variety of key demographics with statistically sound and reliable insights.



A personal injury attorney in a Top-10 market had been advertising primarily on outdoor billboards and local cable for over a year. The principal attorney was curious how he was resonating with his ideal clientele of persons not opposed to seeking legal representation following an accident. He specifically wanted to know how he was resonating with the large growing population of minorities in the area as well. Our study uncovered a strength in his ability to connect with this population and a comprehensive broadcast television and social media campaign was hatched to play to his authentic strengths. Within 90 days the firm was averaging 50% higher call volume and the lead partner settled not one but two million dollar workmans compensation cases within the first year.

Path to Purchase 03

Path to Purchase

When creative testing brings you back to the drawing board because a concept you thought was going to resonate well with consumers doesn’t pan out, there is no reason to fret! Our "path to purchase" explorations will give you the answers to what specific copy points, key differentiators, and pricing strategies resonate best. Let’s take the guesswork out of creative development and save you time at the brainstorming table asking ideal customers what they want and turn long debates into quick decisions!


A major real estate company was buying full page newspaper advertisements to promote upcoming open houses for years. However, agent leads were dwindling and newspaper advertising costs were skyrocketing. With consumers favoring mobile devices over print media to search for homes, we stepped in to help uncover how to message to home buyers and sellers on the digital platforms they expected to find our client. The strategy led the company to unprecedented web and mobile traffic and increased agent leads (by double) in a mere 6-months.

Media Strategy 04

Media Strategy

At its core, marketing comes down to two key ingredients: saying the right thing and saying it in the right place so it gets heard by the largest amount of ideal customers as cost efficiently as possible. At Elevate, we dive into the media habits of consumers daily and seek to understand the unique differences in how they expect to learn about your products and services. Our media insights make media buying decisions easier and more efficient.


A large furniture retailer increased their sales 25% in one quarter by zeroing in on a competitive advantage they didn’t even know they had but we uncovered in a consumer research study. After testing a matrix of 15 reasons to purchase, with consumers and measuring our client’s perception on those same attributes along with their six major competitors, three unknown key areas of strength were identified. The furniture retailer acted swiftly to change their creative direction with our help to highlight these positions of strength and reaped the benefits almost immediately.

Creative Development 05

Easily our best kept secret is our team’s ability to take timely consumer insights and magically turn them into compelling creative concepts that stand out from the clutter and drive attention across the country.

We take "no data dumping" seriously at Elevate. Upon completion of each of our consumer research studies, our creative team will help you write and produce compelling advertising concepts that build off of your research insights and win over your most desired customers.

Need help shooting new creative, designing a logo, or developing a color palette and style guide for your brand? Look no further than our Emmy Award-winning friends at Vivid Zero for the most beautiful and compelling creative storytelling available.

Key Benefits

Large Samples

Large Samples

Our statistically sound consumer studies include large respondent pools for increased precision in analyzing results.

Low Risk

Low Risk

Our consumer research explorations give you an opportunity to take creative, out-of-the-box risks with no financial risk, saving you money.

Unbiased Feedback

Unbiased Feedback

As a third-party partner, we provide a fair and unbiased analysis of your marketing strengths and weaknesses rooted in evidence-based insights.

Zero Data Dumping

Zero Data Dumping

At Elevate, we will never "data dump" you. All of our findings and recommendations are provided in clean data visualizations that are easy to digest. Count on our FLASH-tastic data tool to make dissecting your insights simple and effortless.

Creative Consulting

Creative Consulting

We provide creative consulting following most projects to help you implement the myriad cool insights we bring to your attention to make acting on your research easy.

Clear Direction

Clear Direction

Our researchers are trained to ask the hard questions so you can make sound marketing decisions that solicit immediate results.

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