Balance of Nature

Balance of Nature

Balance of Nature – Case Study

Balance of Nature products are made with whole food ingredients, are gluten-free, non-GMO, and contain no added sugars or synthetics. Founded by Dr. Howard, Balance of Nature’s mission is to help people take control of their health and provide a convenient and consistent way to get whole fruits and vegetables.

Competitive brand awareness tracking uncovers opportunity to compete in new market.

Through detailed brand awareness tracking, Balance of Nature uncovered an opportunity to compete in the Tier 1 umbrella of brands previously thought out of reach. Consumer insights on brand familiarity, perception, and likability across a large cross section of the market illustrated several “top brands” were not as strong as originally thought. Strategic focus has since shifted to winning market share in this segment of the market as a result of these insights.

Balance of Nature revisits its media placement strategy using consumer insights.

Using feedback from consumers interested in dietary supplements/vitamins and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Balance of Nature learned the most persuasive and influential media platforms to convert new customers were online, television, and social media. The data also informed what programming genres and special events would yield higher response rates thereby increasing media buying efficiency.

Consumer data challenges distribution channel strategy.

While 60% of America is taking dietary supplements for general health and wellness, the vast majority prefer to buy them conveniently at their local pharmacy or mass retail outfit i.e. Walmart, Walgreens Rite Aid, CVS, Costco etc. as found through our data. These insights prompted a new focus on diversifying the company’s retail footprint and reliance on Ecommerce.

Ad Testing insights uncover a winning storytelling strategy for Balance of Nature.

While Dr. Howard’s on camera presence was welcomed by consumers in their ad creative, new consumer feedback and spokesperson testing illustrated a healthy mix of benefits offered through its products coupled with stories from real customers and Dr. Howard’s passion was the winning combination to continue to win the wallets of considering customers.

Balance of Nature Research

Consumer insights reimagine brand strategy for Balance of Nature.

“We’re realigning over 90 video creative messages annually based on our research findings. Additionally, we discovered that our perceived competitors differ from our actual competition. Our brand, initially seen as Tier 2, is actually positioned as a Tier 1 brand. These insights emphasize the importance of shifting our focus to compete more effectively in the Tier 1 market.” – Director of Marketing

This market research case study illustrates how Balance of Nature used detailed brand awareness tracking and consumer insights to redefine their strategy, gain competitive advantage, and effectively reach their target market. By leveraging market research, Balance of Nature optimized their media placements, distribution channels, and advertising strategies, ultimately enhancing their brand positioning and market share.

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