Our Methodologies for Effective Market Research

Elevate provides diverse, innovative research methodologies for understanding and engagement with your consumer base’s sentiments and preferences.

Research Methodologies

Our Process

Discover, Data Collection, Reveal, Creative Development

Key Benefits

Large Samples

Our statistically sound consumer studies include large respondent pools for increased precision in analyzing results.

Low Risk

Our consumer research explorations give you an opportunity to take creative, out-of-the-box risks with no financial risk, saving you money.

Unbiased Feedback

As a third-party partner, we provide a fair and unbiased analysis of your marketing strengths and weaknesses rooted in evidence-based insights.

Zero Data Dumping

At Elevate, we will never "data dump" you. All of our findings and recommendations are provided in clean data visualizations that are easy to digest. Count on our FLASH-tastic data tool to make dissecting your insights simple and effortless.

Creative Consulting

We provide creative consulting following most projects to help you implement the myriad cool insights we bring to your attention to make acting on your research easy.

Clear Direction

Our researchers are trained to ask the hard questions so you can make sound marketing decisions that solicit immediate results.

Happy Valley Clinic CEO

The market research that was done was just priceless for us. And then the professional marketing direction that elevate gave to us as to how we should move forward with the patients that we're trying to find was very helpful.

Jiffy Lube CMO

In 20 years of marketing, I have not seen a more in-depth survey to learn and validate interests and habits of a brand's consumers. I highly recommend the services of Elevate.

Coldwell Banker VP Marketing

Elevate helped shape our entire marketing plan. They made us think differently and made hard facts simple and easy to understand

  • Execllent!!

Bassett Furniture General Manager

Our research findings gave rise to new strategies that resulted in changes in our style and direction of advertising, which led to increased traffic and revenue to our stores.

Pacific Fertility Center VP of Marketing

Elevate listened to our objectives and gave us intelligent guidance in language that we could interpret and execute on.

  • Execllent!!

Texas Mattress Makers CMO

Elevate has been extremely helpful and creative in showing us how to capture the attention of our desired audience and focus our efforts to help lift our awareness.

Toyota Sunnyvale General Manager

The data and insights provided were extremely detailed and focused on exactly what we need to do in our advertising, promotional efforts and overall branding to continue to grow our business.

Roseville Automall Agency of Record

Elevate proved to be very helpful in narrowing our focus to the areas of importance that would draw actionables for us. I would highly recommend them.

Our Testimonial

What Clients Are Saying


You don’t have to. An experienced researcher on our team will help you weigh the pros and cons of a variety of methodologies, and you will collectively decide the best course of action.

We conduct both national and regional studies across the US.

We conduct research in English, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese), and French.

We recommend online survey research be limited to no longer than 20-25 minutes to avoid survey fatigue with participants and to ensure a good quality dataset.

We use a variety of sampling methodologies to recruit for our research and have access to over 80 million consumers in the US. All our participants are incentivized to participate.

Yes, we have a handful of great professional moderators available to facilitate any qualitative research needs you may have.

Yes, we have an amazing data visualization team ready and able to help with content creation including but not limited to digital display/banner ads, website skins, social media content creation etc.

For quantitative research designs a FLASH™ data dashboard will be provided at the conclusion of your study along with strategic recommendations and forward action steps based on your study findings.

For qualitative research designs, a transcribed video archive of your focus groups will be provided along with an executive summary of key findings and strategic recommendations. You will also have LIVE backroom access to your focus groups or community platform depending on your selected methodology.

For consulting work, there are a variety of deliverables depending on the scope of your needs but generally they are in the form of consulting notes, secret shop reports, website tips etc.

In the end you can expect results. Our research and consulting framework is designed to identify, understand, and help you grow. We are a team of disciplined executors you’ll enjoy working with because we care about the details.

Most research can be fielded and in your hands within 4-6 weeks, sometimes faster, sometimes longer, depending on the scope of your work.