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South Shore Harbour

South Shore Harbour – Case Study

How South Shore Harbour Resort used consumer insights to grow occupancy levels and their average daily rate in 60 days.

Nestled 40 minutes from downtown Houston, South Shore Harbour Resort boasts a rich 35-year legacy as a full-service waterside haven. Situated on Clear Lake, and offering a wide array of amenities, the resort historically relied on corporate events and weddings to attract visitors. Stagnant growth from legacy marketing strategies drew the resort to seek input from consumers in the area to inform their next wave of growth.  

South Shore Harbour Resort utilized Elevate custom research to inform a new campaign to attract visitors.

Elevate conducted an expansive custom market research study to understand guest preferences, incentive structures, and influences to attract and convince new guests to visit South Shore Harbour Resort. Free breakfast with multi-day stays was one of many key findings found to help do this.

South Shore Harbour Resort is now reaching their ideal guest profile with research-backed messaging that resonates.

Uncertain about the effectiveness of their ads, Elevate market research uncovered South Shore Harbour Resort was messaging to a younger demographic not likely to visit the resort and that a more mature consumer would be a more efficient route to accelerate their next stage of growth. The research also pinpointed specific amenities that would allure these guests, which proved useful in the development of new creative.

South Shore Harbour Resort experiences immediate growth in occupancy and their average daily rate after launching their new research backed marketing campaign.

Within 60 days, South Shore Harbour Resort saw occupancy levels grow +12-15% (double their goal) while also boosting their Average Daily Rate by 2X.

“Elevate is a professional team that helps you investigate your business, the market, and where you should be hitting to get the biggest bang for your buck. I would recommend Elevate to anyone that wants to increase their marketing performance and revenues with very little time and effort on your part.”

This is a prime example of how market research can inform business strategies and drive success. Through Elevate’s custom market research, South Shore Harbour Resort transformed their approach and saw remarkable results, demonstrating the power of consumer insights. Market research case studies like this highlight the importance of understanding your audience to create effective marketing campaigns.

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