What Clients Are Saying

"The market research that was done was just priceless for us. And then the professional marketing direction that elevate gave to us as to how we should move forward with the patients that we're trying to find was very helpful."

- CEO/Happy Valley Clinic

"In 20 years of marketing, I have not seen a more in-depth survey to learn and validate interests and habits of a brand's consumers. I highly recommend the services of Elevate."

- CMO/Jiffy Lube

"Elevate helped shape our entire marketing plan. They made us think differently and made hard facts simple and easy to understand."

- VP Marketing/Coldwell Banker

"Our research findings gave rise to new strategies that resulted in changes in our style and direction of advertising, which led to increased traffic and revenue to our stores."

- General Manager/Bassett Furniture

"Elevate listened to our objectives and gave us intelligent guidance in language that we could interpret and execute on."

- VP of Marketing/Pacific Fertility Center

"Elevate has been extremely helpful and creative in showing us how to capture the attention of our desired audience and focus our efforts to help lift our awareness."

- CMO/Texas Mattress Makers

"The data and insights provided were extremely detailed and focused on exactly what we need to do in our advertising, promotional efforts and overall branding to continue to grow our business."

- General Manager/Toyota Sunnyvale

"Elevate proved to be very helpful in narrowing our focus to the areas of importance that would draw actionables for us. I would highly recommend them."

- Agency of Record/Roseville Automall

"You should do the Elevate process because it is the only way to learn exactly who your customers are and what they are looking for and deliver it to them. It really is a game changer."

- Partner/Witherspoon Law

"Elevate helped me turn a lot of hunches into certainty. A lot of opportunities into execution. Ideas into reality."

- Owner/Carpet & Tile Mart

"The Elevate process was fantastic. I appreciate the detail in the content that we were able to derive from their questioning. I had never seen anything done like that."

- Partner/Alpern Schubert Law

"[Elevate] actually really changed the direction of where we thought a good campaign would go, spun it around, and put it on a path for us to be significantly more successful."

- CMO/T&I Credit Union

"I was really impressed and blown away. We've had similar types of analysis done in the past, but I found [the Elevate process] to be really much more comprehensive than we expected. It really allowed us to tailor a lot of the things for the future."

- Owner/Express Care

"They're very professional and I would recommend them to any business that wants to grow and expand and be effective at what they do."

- Owner/Smith Sinus Institute

"Elevate pointed out some major opportunities and laid them on the table for us in a great way. I don’t think I can emphasize enough what we feel like we got out of this. I would highly recommend them."

- Marketing Director/Furniture Fair

"We don’t have millions to spend on marketing each year, so the Elevate process gave us a much better idea of what’s needed to be successful both in terms of creative strategy and placement. It’s a great recipe for sure."

- Marketing Director/Turner Dairy Farms

"After the research with Elevate, we realized that our biggest promotion and the most beneficial to our clients was too long-winded. So with the research, we changed it up and made it more impactful to our clients, and we've seen increase in sales."

- Marketing Manager/Seldens Home Furnishings

A Year in Review

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Research + Creative


Our research studies explore brand awareness, perception, and consumer interest to give you a quick pulse on where you stand in the market presently. Our ad testing tools can help uncover sentiment towards creative messaging while our comprehensive probing on media influences helps connect the dots between the two to stretch marketing budgets tighter with increased efficiency and results.


We love telling stories with data and also with audio, print, and visual media. Here is a sample of some of the work we’ve been collaborating on:

Industries We Serve

The marketing landscape is constantly evolving and so are the clients that use our services. Here is a list of popular categories we work with which is ever changing! We hope you will join us.

Automotive Automotive
Dental Services Dental Services
Dining/Fast Food Dining/Fast Food
Education Education
Elective Health Elective Health
Financial Financial
Furniture/Mattress Furniture/Mattress
Government Government
General Healthcare General Healthcare
Home Improvement Home Improvement
Home Services Home Services
HVAC/Plumbing HVAC/Plumbing
Legal Legal
Roofing/Solar Roofing/Solar
Senior Services Senior Services
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